Due Diligence Phase

Evergreen Construction believes a thorough due diligence process is key to a successful commercial construction project. This process allows all stakeholders to research challenges and opportunities with a selected construction site. Whether an existing property or new, Evergreen performs the following due diligence:

Reports on landlord and tenant obligations that impact schedule, budget, site logistics and other project aspects are filed.

Preparations for a site due diligence report, including incorporating technical issues such as schedule and budget impact based on existing site conditions, architect and engineer reports, and operations issues.

In collaboration with the client, owner’s rep, architect, and entire project team, Evergreen develops a master project schedule including all tasks, milestones and sequence required to meet the client’s desired project completion date.

A comprehensive master budget line item list requiring client approval develops. This development includes major headings of construction, owner-related costs such as fixtures, furniture and equipment, technology, start-up costs and lastly, an agreeable contingency contract.